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    Sunday, February 20th, 2005
    6:42 pm
    God, I'm a flake at journals...
    Oy, two months since the last entry? GOD, I'm terrible at keeping this thing up to date...

    Sadly, no new news. SIGH.

    Friday, December 10th, 2004
    12:35 pm
    What a month...
    Sorry about my prolonged absence. Couldn't be helped. One of those months that just INSISTS on being difficult and bizarre.

    Okay, my mother had to use ALL my holiday money for bills that got neglected due to overzealous ebaying. Oy. Which screwed over my plans to get one of my customs, the last piece of my PRDT collection, and soon enough a won ebay auction of my own.

    Even the arrival of a hundred dollar check from my father only managed to snag me Spidey 2 (which was awesome, by the way) before the rest had to go to pay off a debt.

    Basically, I was fully hosed.

    Then it got worse. My mother got let go from her part time second job due to unfortunate malice on the part of two coworkers. She was planning to leave in March, mind you, but she still needed the money until then. Fortunately, the manager is writing her a very positive letter of recommendation, so she'll be okay.

    Then the next day, suddenly the silver lining appears, and once more, it's the hand of my Grandfather. With a $200 check. Which saves pretty much all my holiday plans. Except one.

    So I finish my PRDT collection, pay for another custom, fill in a gap in my MMPR selection...

    And now I find out my mother overextended her holiday bonus money and needs my help again. And it's too late. ARGH.

    I HATE yo-yo months. HATE them.
    Thursday, November 4th, 2004
    9:15 am
    Wow... Behold the power of Ignorance
    Did my civic duty by voting for the first time.

    Now, Keep in mind, I'm against stupidity in general and bigotry in particular.

    So, naturally, Bush won and Ohio completely shut the door for gay couples.

    BAKA! (smacks voters)

    Feels kinda useless when I can't even make enough of a difference to keep hatred and foolheardiness out of the world.

    To those that see this a hundred years from now, when we've gotten past this latest round of hatred towards those who are not as we are, please remember that SOME of us actually looked past bible thumping and voted with a brain.
    Thursday, October 21st, 2004
    4:13 pm
    Still seeking work
    The well is dry and I'm very thirsty.

    I've spent the last ten days searching fruitlessly for work of any kind. I've spent the last ten days cursing the fates that made me give up the money I was saving for Spidey 2.

    Still working on the novel proposals. I want to get it right, because, you know, it could mean starting up the career I want so badly. I envy those whom have already made the leap. I pray for similar success.

    Although, I'd settle for praying for my tortie to stop urinating on every stray piece of cloth she finds. So far, she's run up our water and electric bills something awful, and destroyed an entire donation to charity.

    At least I was able to see Hellboy. Fun movie, but I wish they'd used the hand of doom more.

    Still waiting for the full cost estimates on the customs of my original creations. Twiddling my thumbs is getting old.

    Can't afford my halloween outfit for this year. My plan had been to get one of those jack o'lantern buckets, cut out the bottom, and stick it on my head. Then, wearing ratty clothes, hold up funny signs like "Have you seen my head?" and "Is this sign right side up?"

    Yeah, that's right. I can't afford the bucket. SIGH...
    Monday, October 11th, 2004
    10:15 am
    Update on the mess that is my life
    While my grandfather's car gets totaled, thanks to my own stupidity, I'm stranded at home, searching for work so I can afford to HAVE another car. Irritating catch-22. Can't have a car until I work, and I can't work without a car.

    On the novel front, I've recieved a submission kit from Platinum Studios. You may have heard of a little thing called Men in Black, perhaps? Hope to complete my forms by the end of the month. After that, I can only hope they accept one of my ideas.

    Finally going to see Spider-Man 2, thanks to the power of dollar theaters. Now if I could just clear my schedule enough to watch that Hellboy video...
    10:11 am
    The passing of a Superman
    What can I say that hasn't already been said far more elequently by others? The man inspired millions, either by being Superman, or by being a champion for the disabled.

    Christopher Reeve may not have gotten to walk again, but now... he's definitely flying.
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
    6:34 am
    Custom power!
    Finally got the ball rolling on custom figures based on the characters my friends and I created. Sent about 12 images to a great guy, Nick Gonzales, who should be able to work wonders with them. All I need now is for the final helmet design to be completed so I can send it to him... JUST might help him with his cost estimates...

    And in the meantime, I'm sure he's happy that I finally paid for that Justice figure he made a few months ago... One more Avenger down. Namor's next month, along with, hopefully, one or two of these originals.
    6:31 am
    Oy, what a mess...
    I can't believe I crashed my grandfather's car ONE HOUR after I got it.


    Expecting the insurance person to inspect the car today and try to tell me it'll be junked. Not gonna let it happen. Oh no. I need that car, and if they junk it, the money I'd get to get a new car wouldn't buy gum.

    And I refuse to try to stick wheels on a piece of Juicy Fruit.
    Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
    1:15 pm
    When the Prez leaves himself wide open, he REALLY goes to town.
    President Bush (pause to insert finger in throat and iniciate gag reflex) said this week that Kerry could debate himself.

    Of course, he'd HAVE to, in order to have an intelligent conversation.
    Monday, September 27th, 2004
    12:49 am
    For Those Who Came In Late...
    If I tried to space all this out, I'd be an old man before finishing.

    Okay... Since EVERYONE'S coming in late, this is what's currently going on...

    I'm in the middle of a long term online comics project. No idea if it will succeed or fail, but you gotta reach for the brass ring, right? If it works out, I'll make my mark and have a good time. If not, well, there's always other routes. But I'm horrible with directions, so FINDING said routes is not easy.

    I am also involved with an extended attempt to get customized 8" action figures of both my favorite comic heroes, and my own creations as well. Expensive as hell, but worth it. Especially since some figures will go to my co-conspirators to help inspire them to keep trying. Currently got a good range of customs, including an awesome Darkhawk and a near perfect Animated Hawkgirl. Hope to get Justice and Namor soon. Cloth outfits rock. As will my Avengers.

    Currently looking for work. Isn't easy when you're slightly autistic. No one, but NO ONE, wants to hire someone like me. Heck, I got fired from volunteer work at COSI. THAT takes talent.

    Oh, if any creative writing majors from Otterbein College are reading this? =I'M= the one you should blame if they make you edit someone else's senior writing project. Just my way of being evil and leaving my mark.

    In any case, this journal will document both my progress in my endeavours, as well as anything else that crosses my Power Rangers addled mind.

    If you're reading this, my condolances. I promise a slow, mind numbing experience. Like the 30th viewing of Ace Ventura.
    12:46 am
    A novel idea?
    I've been approached by family members with the idea of writing a novel based on one of my many writing ideas... The problem, of course, is that all my favorite ideas are already wrapped up in another long term project. Sigh. To that end, I'm redeveloping one of my originally rejected ideas. Who knows? It might work out. Or it could blow up in my face and force me to enlist Tibetan monks to make me an iron mask and powered armor. Hmmm... Successful novel or super villain... Decisions, decisions...